Last night was the Fall Riot… To read on the planning process of it look at Brian Mills blog.

The night was absolutely phenomenal. It was not phenomenal because of the number of students, the cool Dance Cru’s (Planet Funk, Jump Team), Brian Mills great teaching. Instead it was phenomenal because the students fell deeply in love with Christ when the friends that they brought, accepted Jesus. It was phenomenal because students want their friends to experience Christ love and it will happen now. We had students ages 12-18 invite the untouchable kids at their school that no one else would even think about inviting or talking to. We had 1,500 students in attendance and 220 decisions for Christ and here is one of the many stories.

There is a girl named Gio in the Junior High ministry who has caught a passion for Christ. I went and ate lunch at her school yesterday. As I am sitting there Gio disappeared? I turn around and she is sitting with a group of people just talking and handing out Fall Riot info. She runs back to the table and is like “oh man I just asked this kid to come and he like cussed me out.” I was so proud of her, I said great that is perfect! She was like he probably will not come, but I tried.
Fast forward to 8:00 last night…… Gio comes running over to where all of the students who made decisions for Christ were. She is crying telling me that the people that she invited (the one who cussed her out) are in that room and have accepted Christ. Gio is crying huge tears of joy. Gio had experienced for the first time the overwhelming power of God, and how because they reach out and plant seeds He can produce. This is just one of the many stories.

I also was reminded because of her tears last night, that at times in ministry we can take for granted when life change happens. I pray that I will have a renewed joy when people accept Christ. God is using these Junior High students in ways I can not explain. God is also using The Junior High team that works along side me here at Second. They are a true one of a kind team. I thank God for Lauren, Kenny, and Joy (GIGL Director), and the impact they are having on the Junior High students of this City.

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  1. wow!!!! that is all so amazing!!! you guys all did awesome, and it’s obvious that God is majorly working in our city!

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