Pastor Michael Guglielmucci

In August I went to the Hillsong Conference here in Houston. One of the first things that happened was pastor Brian Houston (Hillsong Pastor) got up and talked about how the songwriter from the huge hit “healer” Mike Guglielmucci was not honest. Mike had gone around for the past 2 years and told thousands about his “Terminal Cancer.” He sang the song with tubes in his noses and all. Well come to find out it was all a lie. I was so confused because that song was massive to me and I love it.

I hate it for him, that he had to put on this secret life for so long. I just hope that others will learn from this story and not be afraid of getting help when you are hurting.

One thought on “Pastor Michael Guglielmucci

  1. Michael Wierd Vid but ok i sent you a message on myspace and can tou give me keenys link to and how did you make that re-entering thingy??


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