Most Searched for…

“The most searched for person on the Internet is Britney Spears.”

Here is a quote from Yahoo.

“Of course, when it comes to Britney Spears, it is all about the buzz, isn’t it? And proof of that comes with another (non-paparazzi-lensed) Britney flash–this time from none other than the Guinness Records people, who’ve just announced they’re naming Spears “The Most Searched Person On The Internet” in the new 2009 Guinness Book Of World Records. Having not seen the book (it’s out on 9/17), I can’t tell you how they might quantify that assertion (and are there subdivisions for categories like, say, “holding clippers,” or “driving over feet”?). Suffice it to say, however, that the proclamation comes with the telling additional info that Britney, who previously “won” the title in 2007, has reclaimed it from last year’s champ: none other the uniquely and immensely Internet-searchable Paris Hilton.”

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