More Deep End Testimonies…

This is from Morgan Patteson, another JHIGH student who finished up deep end..

The following is my Deep End testimonial. I hope it helps in some way.

The Deep End bible study has helped me in many ways. This bible study has helped my relationship with God to grow. I can honestly say that my relationship with God is different now than it was before the Deep End bible study. I must also add, so as not to confuse you, that my rlationship has changed for the better. Also, I have been able to, with the help of Deep End, evaluate my walk with God. Now, I know my weaknesses and areas I need to work on in my relationship with God. Knowing what I need to do to become a better servant and child of God will most definately help me to continue to grow in my faith. Finally, I have established a great routine of having an in depth Quiet Time by using this bible study’s daily work every morning. For a time the Deep End bible study will be over for me, but I will be able to continue my Quiet Times as usual with a new found thought process. I now can analyze myself and decide what it is I need to modify or stop doing to bring me closer to what God wants for my life. Deep End has been an awesome way for me to come closer to God. I have loved every minute of it!

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