I am so excited to announce that we now have 7 JHIGH Students that have completed the 6 week Discipleship Material that the Second Baptist Student Ministry has written called Deep End. This is so important for these students as they start out there walks with Christ and now they have the basic foundation to the Christian walk.
Here is an email I just received from Adrian, who accepted Christ at Beach Retreat 08. This is an 8th Grade student I am not going to edit it at all and here it is….

Heyy this is adrian.. from deep end…..

thought Deep End was amazing. It really helped me get closer to god as a person
myself and realized that everything on earth…..doesn’t matter. When we
die all our earthly possessions and objects won’t matter. All that matters is
god…and your walk on Earth with him.
I learned what things can bring you
down in life. Hanging out with the wrong friends and staying too
late with a girlfriend is a trap that Satin lays out for us to
step in. It can ultimately lead to a major sin that you would regret. The devil
puts us in all these temptations to lead us away from god. But when you’re
strong with god and you have god on your side…the devil cannot win. You have
already won the fight.
Ever since Deep End…I’ve been feeling a lot more on
fire for god and I just keep wanting more. I can’t stop wanting more. I need
more. Through this bible study…more of my friends have been able to see god’s
glory and some have gotten closer to god…it’s amazing. Deep End has also
given me better Leadership…and through that I influence my friends to see god
and how amazing he is. I have helped several friends out now with their problems
that they are struggling with and eventually help bring them to plugged-in and
closer to god overall.
A lot of my friendships have gotten stronger since
Deep End. I can talk more openly about god and it’s great. I’ve also met a lot
of new friends and help them know god better.
Well since I learned
these 6 different lessons….I have changed a lot. Things I cared
a lot about before, weren’t as important to me
anymore. It’s such an amazing feeling. I’ve been praying a lot more and
reading the bible and I’ve been able to understand god’s word a lot better.
I’ve been able to bring others closer to Christ through what I’ve learned at
Deep End. To me….it just can’t get any more amazing
than that. I have learned to live my life to serve god. What else can
I say? Deep End was simply amazing…

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