What 210 JHigh Means to Volunteer Lynette Campbell

About three years ago, I attended my first JH Beach Retreat. I primarily did this to find out why did my kids want to go every summer. I would have thought they would be bored of it. I was so impressed and in awe of what God was doing in these kids lives. I could not believe the fun, music, games, and evening worships. Being a mother of three boys; it was so much fun to be in a condo with girls. I still remember the first girls from Beckendorf JH and then the last two years with MCJH girls. These girls have made such a lasting impression on me. After this experience, I wanted to do more. At that time, my middle son was entering 9th grade. He was a little leery about his mom being at the JH functions; but he saw how much I enjoyed it and what was happening in the kids lives. I am proud to say that over the past few years, I have been involved with JH Ministry on Sunday mornings and when I can on Wednesday’s at Plugged In. This is so inspirational to watch these kids grow in God’s word. You really get to see their hearts. Alot of these young students just need someone to listen to them. They want to belong to a group who makes them feel good about themselves. You don’t have to be know the Bible backwards and forwards nor do you have to be an expert on teenagers. You will grow with these incredible kids. My youngest son will be in eighth grade and he has never regretted his mom being at his activities. In some ways, we have grown together in our walk with the Lord. I would encourage everyone to take that step and join JH Ministry. You will never regret it; it will change your life forever.

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