Josh Price

My Great Friend Josh Price is getting Married Today… 8/8/08 I am currently in Florida to be at the wedding and support him and his beautiful bride Deeanna.

A little history on Josh and I is when I first went to work as Youth Pastor in Florida, I met Josh one night as he came and led worship for us one night. I thought he was great not just because he could sing, but because he hung out with students. So I quickly hired him as my weekly worship leader. We had a blast in Florida at Woodland Community Church then when God called us to Second
I wanted Josh to come with me and a few months later, Josh got the job of Worship Leader for the Student Ministry at the Woodway Campus of Second. I was so pumped and so proud of him for doing this and being able to be apart of an amazing church. He recently was on Americas God Talent
Josh is a Christ follower and is just one of my best friends in the world and I am so excited for him and this next step he is taking in his life with Marriage…..

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