Day 1 China Students

Well yesterday my 5 Chinese boys arrived. I will be posting daily what we are doing every day with them. Last night we went to dinner at Chic-Fil-a they had never been to a Chic- before so we had a good time there. They said that it was the best meal they had ever eaten. We then went home and played Basketball. As they were getting ready for bed they wanted to wash their clothes in the sink. I was like yall come check out these, I showed them the washer and dryer it was the first time they had ever seen one. They had also never seen an ice maker so as I was getting ice in my cup out of my door in the fridge they freaked out and all got cups and started drinking ice. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay current with the whole Chinese Group here……………..

Taking a Pic at Chic-Fil-A
Eating Ice… Notice on my fridge the pic of the girls face, I have had this on my fridge since February. “It says why pray for China? Here are 1.6 million reasons.” I went to a conference and the focus was to pray for China not knowing I was going to have 5 living with me….

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