Camp Eagle

This past week we took 18 students of our Dedicated leadership team to camp eagle. This camp was amazing, it is not your typical camp with a worship service and free time and A/C. We had no worship service, no free time and no A/C. Instead we had Rappelling 85 feet, Cliff traversing, river Traversing, Mountain Climbing, Night rappelling, Long Hikes, 2 hour Quiet times, for one dinner we all ate out of the same metal container with limited forks, we built our own shelter at the camp dump, hiked some more, blobbed, zip lined into the river, played in a mud pit, Hiked allot more, had deep discussions around camp fires, packed our lunch every day and ate it on a trail. And so much more. …. It was a great week for us and I can not begin to tell you the amazing things God did through the students and what He is doing in me after this week.
On top of a huge Hill this is an alter with exact specifications to a Biblical alter

Eating Dinner Night Time Zip Line

My BedMy Crib for the week
During one of our Hikes..
Hiking Up and Up to our 2 hour Quiet time..

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  1. the most amazing week ever!next to going to beach retreat (:thanks alot michael!

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