Dedicated Camp…

This next week we are taking our dedicated leadership team (8th Grade leadership) to Camp Eagle Here is the schedule for the week, it’s no joke…

Second Baptist: July 6-10

Sunday 7/6
5pm Arrival
Introduction & Unpack
Get-to-know-you games
7pm Dinner
8pm Group Challenge games on tennis court
9:30pm Bonfire at Amphitheater
– Group Contract

Monday 7/7
8am Breakfast
Bible Study
Sherpa Trek (blindfolded)
Lunch in Crow’s Nest
River Traverse
Swim @ Suspension Bridge
Hike to Favelas
– slop dinner
– commotion/brokenness discussion
Hike back to Eagle Quest for bed

Tuesday 7/8
8am Breakfast
Bible study @ Coffee Shop
Small Rappel
– debrief Rappel
– share Gospel Message
Climbing Wall
Hike back to Eagle Quest & prepare for Windmill Hike
Hike to Windmill
Hobo Burger Dinner
Camp at Windmill

Wednesday 7/9
8am Breakfast at Windmill
1-2 hr “Solo”
Bible Study
Lunch on trail
Trail building on Texas trail
Hike down to Waterfall
Water Initiatives (group building challenges)
Walk back to Eagle Quest to shower & prep for dinner
7pm Dinner
Camp Store
Trip Debrief
Zip Line

Thursday 7/10
8am Breakfast

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