Fail to Plan you Plan to Fail

So yesterday I wrote about how much I love planning out worship services. Well last night we had Plugged In, and it was just one of those nights where it all seems to be awkward. It was a great night God did great stuff. But the team was not on all cylinders. We just were not all on the same page as a JHigh staff. So the JHigh team met after all the students left with Josh Price and Jason Mick who serve at the woodway campus. We went through the entire order of the night to see exactly what happened. Doing this is so helpful to understand what happened. It is like in Football when you go back and watch game tape to see what happened either good or bad you learn what to do to make it better. So last night we watched the game tape and helped us prepare for the next plugged in. Being apart of 210 JHigh is an amazing opportunity and I like things to be sharp and on point. Yes mess ups are going to happen, and as Brian Mills says “mistakes are good because they help you to become a Youth Ministry.” It is just how your team (sound, media, lighting, band, speaker, announcer, greeters, etc….) respond to the mistakes, to make your team the best they can.

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