For some reason I have just fallen in love with planning out worship services and sermons. It is a real passion that I have. It is fun to take time to think about how we can engage students and want them to come back the next week. One of my goals every time I plan a service is do I have something that makes kids want more. Not the better than last week idea, but just a way that hooks kids in to coming back week after week. Also every time I speak I always try to stay on time, I never want a student leaving saying “saying man that was a long talk.” I want them saying, “I want more that was not enough.” Today I got to meet with our High School pastor Jeremiah Ramer and plan out next weeks Plugged In/Collide. It looks like this:

Collide & Plugged-In
Wednesday Program 7/02/08

6:30pm: Pizza & Drinks///Pre-Scheduled Baptisms
-Pizza & Drinks are in the JH Room (music videos rolling)
Pre-Scheduled Baptisms Meet Lauren Price in Orange Room

6:50pm: Walk-In Music Playing w/Announcement Slides Rolling
-Play music and have random announcements rolling on the screen

6:55pm: Welcome & Announcements (Jeremiah Ramer)(Handheld)(Slides)
1. “HS Broom Ball” at Memorial City Mall Wednesday 11:00pm-1:00am. Cost is $10 at the door, you can’t go in without getting a wristband from us at the door.

2. “210 Sunday Mornings” here at the church for JH & HS Ministry at 9:30 & 11:00am.

7:00pm: 2 Text Message Games (Michael Head)(Handheld)(Game Slides)
-Band get on stage during the 2nd Text Message Game

7:05pm: 4 Songs (Tyler & Collide Band)
1. ???
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???

7:25pm: Message: Brian Mills 7:25pm (E6)

7:45-50pm: Invitation & Invitation Song
-Tyler & Band Walk to stage for Invitation Song
-Brian Dismiss Decisions to Jeremiah in back of room, head to Orange Room

1 Song:
1. High Energy Celebration Song

Dismiss to Baptism Courtyard (Michael Head)(Handheld)
-Tyler & Band Play everyone out of the room

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