It is finished! That is what I said as I crossed the finish line today at the CBI Triathlon. It was a 500 Meter Swim, 15 Mile Bike, and a 3.1 Mile Run. I was not very excited this morning when the alarm went off at 4:20am. I thought to myself, ummm what am I doing I have not trained at all for this I have ridden 1 mile since moving to Houston, not really swam and I’ve been doing some running. So I was nervous.

– The water was freezing this morning, but when it was my colored swim caps turn to go I just went for it! I was in the water and felt great, I was so surprised! Then I got out and jumped on the bike and remembered how much I miss riding my bike. I did the 15 miles with a 20.5 average speed which was great for me not training. THEN THE DREADED RUN! I jumped off my bike and headed for the run, I felt good at mile 1, worse at 2 and bad bad bad at 3. But the cool thing was that I did the whole triathlon with a friend of mine Carl Parisi, and his age group finished before me and so he was able to walk down the running path to me and at the end of the run he was running next to me and encouraging me to finish strong. So it pushed me to go hard at the end and finish strong.

-This is exactly what we need in the Christian walk, we need to surround ourselves with people that are going to encourage you in your walk. We need people pushing us to be in the Word, to be asking the hard questions. Do you have that? Lately I have discovered that I have not had that ever and now I do. I have people that know how to push me to grow in my walk.

– I think as a pastor we should have people constantly pushing us and running along side of you in the journey. I have that and I love it…….

Here are 2 pics… They are bad, but they are here…

3 thoughts on “CBI TRI

  1. Congratulations on your finish up here on the north side of Houston today! My daughter volunteered as triathletes left the transition area going out to the run.Way to finish strong!

  2. Keep it up, Head. If Labor Day works out, ya’ll should see if there is a run going on we can do.

  3. Ahh…my brother in Christ. You were the calm before the storm for me on this event. It wasn’t long before we were swimming, biking, and running (ugh!) our way to the finish line. THanks for the encouragement. Just happy to have done it with you. Thanks brother…I think I’m hooked.As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Prov 27:17

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