This morning I had the most amazing opportunity to go to Cracker Barrell (Crack House) with some of my small group leaders from Sunday Morning, all guys. As I pulled up, (at 5:45am) I saw MEN walking in and carrying their BIBLES. These were not even men that I was meeting with that morning, they had there own Bible Studies going on. I just found it so encouraging to see MEN at multiple tables having meaningful conversations about CHRIST. I was so pumped to see this happening.
Then my group of dudes show up and I go in and just sit and listen as 4 dads and their sons sit and have a Bible Study. I was almost in tears when it was over and got to say how impressive it is that these dads are wanting to get up at 6am and pour into their boys. I hope that this is a trend that more fathers will want to follow.

-I’ve been challenged, encouraged, and Blessed this morning!

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