Last night at Plugged In we had our second night of Life Interupted.
It all started with 4 worship songs by Tyler Hennessee the 210 worship leader. During the last song (How Great is Our God) we had a little interuption. All of the lights, Screen, Sound and everything just went out at the same time. This was an amazing thing because the students continued to sing through the interuption. They continued to worship which I loved. So I got up on the stage and said, wow well I guess the rest of the night we will have to do in the dark. Everyone cheered! Then all of a sudden the lights came on and I said “well we planned that and I just wanted to see how you would react to the interuption.”
– The night was amazing and God did huge things.
– I was not going to give an invitation, but a student came up to me and asked me to do one because they had brought some lost friends. So I did one and we had many kids accept Christ.
– God did so much through the night, and I just loved it so much.

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