God is Moving!

It is so incredible what God is doing. Honestly everyday God is blowing me away!
Here is a little of what God is doing and how He is doing it.

– Last night (3/13/08) A lady (Mrs. Roberts) and her daughters came up to me after Plugged in and said I just want you to know that we love your Podcast. They had been listening to my Podcast since I have been in Florida and they have really enjoyed it. Somehow they downloaded someone else’s podcast and to the right of it it said if you like that one then you would like this one and I was that one to the right. So they downloaded it and have just been listening ever since and said they drive and listen to it in the car and love it. Again they had never met me or anything which is just fun. Then they found out that I was in Katy, Tx and so they drove from Cypress, Tx to Plugged in to come and check it out. So they stayed after and we got to hang out and they were so fun, because they said we just wondered what you looked like Then they were so pumped to be there and it was just fun to see that God is using a Podcast to bring people closer in their walk who I don’t even know. God is moving!

– We have had a girl accept Christ who comes from a different religion/cult and we have gotten to talk and last night we got to talk about the Trinity because she had always been taught that they are not 3 in 1 but 3. So we got to have a great discussion about that and we are going to continue that conversation later this week. God is moving!

– We have had a girl invite 10 friends to church this past month and 8 of them have accepted Christ and starting a new life with Him. God is Moving!

– Got the opportunity to speak at a Public School in the middle of the campus and speak the Word which was just amazing, because it seemed like every teacher was on board to see God do something huge in the life of those students. They were playing Christian music very loud over the cafeteria/auditorium speakers. God is Moving!
– Teaching me to live every day like it is my last. God is Moving!


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  1. You did a great job last night sharing your story! What a great message for the kids and their parents!! 🙂

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