i2 Notes…

Yes that is a RollerCoaster on the Stage…
First Speaker was Kerry Shook pastor of Fellowship of the Woodlands.

– Talked allot about Vision. How you should have a life vision, and then have a ministry vision, of your own.
-A life vision will flow out of priorities.
-A life vision fits into the Divine Plan.
-A life vision has eternal power.

Jessica and I are going through his book together called “One Month to Live” it is amazing and I love reading it with Jessica because it helps to have us on the same page in life and ministry.

I got allot from the i2 Conference, but the best was Kirbyjon Caldwell, who spoke on being innovative. I really liked him because he spoke on something that I am very passionate about which is being original, new and creative not just stealing what everyone else has done. That is really what the whole conference was about.

Here is some of what he said.
-Innovative: The process of creating purposeful and focused change
-Everything that changes grows, not everything that grows changes.
-Innovation is an act of faithfulness. (Takes Faith to be innovative)
-Starts as “yea right we can’t do that, to oh wow that is so cool, to it’s inevitable that
we now do that”

I love this because that is how things are with anything you want to do new.
Most people will say no way, but if you are an innovator then you do what
ever it takes to get it done. Once it is done everyone is like man that is so great,
and once you are doing it, it seems like there is no way that you could not have
done it.

-Innovation is fundamental-Someone has got to do it, who will it be.

7 Innovation Killers:
1. Fat organizations (Takes to long to make decisions) will kill and burn out innovators.
2. An abundance of personnel can stifle innovation.
3. Lack of commitment by management.
4. Poor communication
5. Inadequate information technology (Not knowing what is happening in the world)
6. Unwillingness to communicate with members. (Not keeping the team in the loop)
7. Internal Politics
Then Mark Batterson Spoke.
– Play offense: Don’t just sit around and do nothing be the one doing something no-matter what.
Don’t be known for what you don’t do. But what you do!
-Pray Ridiculous Prayers!

We then got to go to the Breakout of our choice.

– I went to Mac in Ministry. I left as soon as the dude started talking because he was going to talk about Key Note, when I thought it was going to be about Pro-Presenter. So I was out!!!
– I walked into “How to lead the creative arts ministry when the church wants you to be superman, but you feel like Clark Kent.” by Stan Durham (Executive Pastor of creative arts)
– He talked about how much he has his bands rehearse.
– His weekly schedule.
-He talked about excellence in all we do. I like that because he used a great example of people saying. “oh its just JHigh so we don’t have to be that good.”

I have heard that sentence all to many times since my new position and it seriously drives me nuts. NO We should be the best no matter what. Why? When the movie folks make a movie they are not saying oh its just Veggie Tales lets not make it all that great, or oh its just transformers, its not that big of a deal if we don’t try to be the best. No they are making it the best no matter, so that they will compete with the rest of society.

I am doing the same thing every Sunday and Wednesday. Competing with sleeping in, parents not wanting to bring the student, movies, TV, Sports, Friends not wanting them to come to Church, etc. So that is why we want the best videos, band, speaker, greeter, music in Lobby, slides in lobby, clean area, and a reason to come back.

– Then some tips on leading the creative meetings which was great.
– The rest of the JHigh team (Kenny, Crystal) went to Shift: Student Ministry in a changing Youth Culture, by Mike Taylor (been in Student ministry for 25 years) I met him and one thing that they do is they are in the process of getting age grade pastors for 7-12 and you start with a grade and move up with that grade untill they graduate. Then start again with 7th. I loved the idea.

I am so thankful that the JHigh team was able to go to this meeting and learn and grow together and that Brian Mills provided us with the opportunity to go and come back with some great things to help make our ministry the best it can for the Kingdom.

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