VO2 and Tri

This was the weekend where I get my self in gear for the triathlon season.

On Saturday Jessica and I went and figured out our Vo2 Max “the highest rate of oxygen consumption attainable during maximal or exhaustive exercise” on the bike and running.

With a high Vo2 you are able to go longer faster for example Lance Armstrong had a Vo2 of 89, most others are in the 40’s. Yea he is amazing! You can get there with allot of work, and that is where we are heading

-With this test it shows if we burn more sugar or Fat.

– Fat is what you want to burn so that you can go further longer and faster.

-If you burn sugar then you will be able to go fast at the start then you will quickly burn out not able to go.

– I burn a ton of sugar and not any fat.

– Jessica burns fat.

So what do we do to fix it, you do heart rate training. We have done heart rate training before just we did not really know what we were doing. Now with our watches we are able to make sure we are training in our correct heart rate zone. We received a 6 week training guide and both have a coach we go to periodically and get new training plans every 6 weeks.

– Jessica had the best Vo2 max and best workout for the testing that the coach had ever had anyone do. She said she should run and make money doing it. Jessica truly is doing amazing.
————————————————————————————————- Sunday Feb. 24th

First Triathlon of the season..

This was an indoor triathlon which is great to see where you are in your training for the season. You try to go as far as you can in each of the disciplines. We will find out how we ranked and if we won on Tuesday, you get points for the farther you go.

10 min. Swim
Michael – 18 laps
Jessica – 16 laps

30 min. Bike
Michael – 15.3 miles (My bike shoes broke during the bike had to change shoes, lost allot of time) Jessica – 15.2 miles

20 min. Run
Michael – 2.31 miles
Jessica – 2.95 miles (Amazing!!!)

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  1. Wow you guys are so hardcore in your training, I love it!! Thats soo sweet that you did an indoor tri! I didn’t know such things existed but you both did amazing, good job! Hey when I was in Kona I talked to the head of security guy for the IronMan tri they do there, he was telling me all about it and kindof showing me what roads they go on, and where they swim, it sounded AMAZing! And all the YWAMers (or SWAMers ha) that are on staff in Kona have ironman shirts because they volunteer at it every year.

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