Amazing Morning

Last night we had a great night at Plugged In. We saw 3 students accept Christ which was just GREAT!
So this morning at our 6:30 AM Bible study at Chic-Fil-A one of the students showed up who accepted Christ last night. That was first really great, but the best was when we were just talking about Prayer and Quiet times and I said stop! Lets ask her what she knows about these topics, so I asked hey do you know what prayer is, she said NO. I said do you understand what a quiet time is she said no, sounds weird.

I loved it!!! Why because she was lost, she does not understand our language and was able to show the rest of the students sitting there that there are lost people in the world that have no idea about Christ or the LINGO. So I had the students go around the table and tell her what these things were and give her some advice on being a Christian. It was a great morning and God is obviously moving, oh yea and this girl came to church last night because she got invited to come at her school lunch table.

This just gives me more reasons to tell my students to not invite lost kids to church but invite them to “Plugged In.” or to “210 Sunday Mornings.” Many people that hear the word CHURCH are immediatly turned off. So we go at it this way, and it is working.

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