Passion 08

So how was Passion?
– Yes Lord
– Stay Fresh Lead no matter what, speak what you feel, God will provide
– Never settle
– Get in the Word, Get in the Word, Get in the Word
– Parables left people wanting more

When we got there we were challenged to help support the college students that are at Union University in Tennessee, who was hit by a tornado almost 2 weeks ago. Their enitire campus destryoed dorms and all and God was God and protected everyone even though there was a ton of destruction. We were challenged to brijng them clothes that we had brought to the conference with us. Give up what we have to those who lost everything. It was amazing to see all of these college students bringing in their bags and just dumping out everything they own for people they do not know all for the name of Christ. One Kingdom….

I could write all kinds of things on here about the weekend but the most important thing is that I grew in my walk and it was an incredible time of worship.

I loved it! I have loved it since I started going in 98, although this is the shortest of any of the Passion conferences we have ever been to it was amazing. To learn more about what Passion is about go to

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