Big Time!!

Here are some pictures from our Big Time Weekend (D-Now). We had a blast and God did alot of things in 1417th and 8th Graders. We had 50 adult volunteers that helped out this weekend as well. We could not have done it without them. God is moving in this Junior High ministry and I am so glad that I have been able to lead this ministry.


-Worshiping with all the other Campuses from SBC on Friday Night

-37 Students making decisions for Christ!

-Watching students get in indepth discussino with their leaders.

-The Amazing Race (Scavenger Hunt) all over Katy.

-Sunday morning packing in the JHigh room when there was no where to sit.

-Watching 4 students get Baptised on Sunday morning.

One thought on “Big Time!!

  1. Aww these are such exciting highlights!! 37 students getting saved! Praise God!! I Love to hear how he is using you over there, it sounds like its going AMAZING!! I’m really happy for you and your family

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