Getting out!

I love getting out of the office! We all need to! If not you will not grow and your ministry will just follow you in that lack of growth. Yesterday we went and ate lunch with one of our adult leaders then we went to a Junior High. Every Wednesday we go to a Junior High lunch and this week we went to Beck Junior High. As we were chilling with students at lunch there was this girl and I just went and started talking to her and invited her to come to Plugged in that night. She said uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok I will be there. So she came and invited her friend and we just had a really great night. Well we did an invitation at the end and both of those girls accepted Christ.
I am just so pumped about what God is doing and how easy it is to get out go have lunch with Volunteers who are loving on your students, then going to lunch and inviting kids to church and they come and change their life forever…..

I love it!!!

2 thoughts on “Getting out!

  1. That is so cool! We attend SBC-West (my son is a sophmore at Faith West) – but, my niece is a 7th grader at Beck! That is so cool! I sent the link to your blog to my sister-in-law….

  2. THat’a awsome! Using me as an example could actually can show kids how they can come to christ.Smart!:)P.S.- Bigtime weekend was outragously FUN!!!!!!!!!! I hate that it’s only for j-high. 🙁 wish i could go every weekend.

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