Big Time Weekend

I am excited about my first “big” event with Second coming up this weekend. We are doing “Big Time Weekend.” It is going to be so great! I have allot of friends driving down from Arkansas to be apart of this weekend to be small group leaders. The main reason I am so pumped is because it is a great chance to get to know students on a deeper level. I am excited to see what God is going to do through the small group leaders, the worship Band, Brian Mills (Speaking on Friday night) I will not let this weekend pass by without investing and getting to know more 7th and 8th graders. If I do then I fail! I am encouraging all of my leaders and team to not let this weekend pass without having a time where you get to know students better then you did going into the weekend. Allot of times you can get so bogged down in doing the event that you miss opportunities to do what you were really called to do…(love on students).

I was reading Life Church blog the other day and this is what it said. I totally agree on this. I love this!!!

Low altitude questions might include:

Did we have enough greeters?
Did the bulletin have typos?
Did all the first time guests receive a letter?
Is the air conditioner in the kids’ wing repaired?

It is occasionally wiser to ponder high altitude questions like:

How can we increase the spiritual climate of our church attenders?
How can we as a church better live the gospel?
What needs to change about our strategy to better make disciples?
How can we create a bigger “vision-buy-in” from the people in our ministry?

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