Coach Hunter!

What an incredible morning!
We have recently started a discipleship group at 2 different Chic-fil-a’s in Katy. Kenny (Associate JHigh) and myself go to Chic-fil-a on Mason and on Westheimer at 6:30am on Thursdays and meet with a few 7th & 8th graders for a time of discipleship.

Well this morning during my drive I was listening to my favorite morning talk show Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio and they were talking about Coach Hunter. Coach Hunter is not going to wear shoes tonight while he coaches to help promote Samaritans feet, which gives shoes to kids in Africa that don’t have shoes.Here is the article…………. He was needing 10,000 more shoes to meet his goal, for kids in Africa who don’t have shoes, and so tonight he was 10,000 pairs off from reaching his 40,000 pairs of shoes. As he was being interviewed they had another caller call in and it was a rep from Converse. She said hey coach we want to donate 15,000 pairs of shoes to you before you even start coaching tonight. Immediately he reached his goal and more. He was so excited! He started thanking God right there on the radio, he was so pumped and gave all the glory to God, live on ESPN radio.

This happened because a few days ago Mike and Mike were talking about it, and the converse rep heard it, which moved them and now they were able to bless.

I was so pumped!! Why? We see right here that the media is a huge medium to use for His renown. We need to be creative in using Media to give God glory. I think we get comfortable in the way we do ministry, because it has worked here or there. Let me encourage you to try something new! What can you do different so that more people will be influenced by Christ.

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