Is it any good?

How does this land with you?
I was listening to a talk the other day and I have not stopped thinking about it and here are some things I gained from it.

Thinking BIG!!! You have to think about things spewing and then it spreading!! Like a volcano eruption when it erupts it then spreads all over and makes a preasence. I want to be apart of an eruption, not just a little event or something that is making some traction. I don’t want to be apart of something that says we have a population of 15,000 and 400 are comming and are happy about that. That is not a movement that is not an eruption. I want to be apart of something that is erupting or about to errupt, and that will spread out and make a lasting impretion.

Are you doing what you are doing because you want to seek the face of God, not just because it will give you status, or becuase someone works there or because it pays good or it’s easy. You need to be doing what you are doing because it burns inside of you to see lives change and that you are going to WORK yes WORK to see that happen, untill you see your campus or your ministry or your focus start to boil heading toward the eruption. I feel like there are people in ministry who have lost the desire to see something start to erupt and are comfortable with something that heppend once or twice in their ministry. Want more never settle. If there is not somthing boiling in you then there is a slight change of lava flow (life change). This has to start with YOU… Cause an eruption…. HOW? Work!

With that I think it is funny when you hear people saying, “people won’t come to our stuff because, “oh its Wednesday they have sports, oh its Sunday morning its to early, can’t do it on Thursday night “Greys Anatomy” is on.” I seriously am blown away, its not about what night of the week it is on, not what is the time it is during the week, they don’t have any money to do it. What? Come on! I mean students will do whatever they can to go and see the fray or whoever in concert, they will drop a ton of money at a movie. Here is the deal, if people are not comming to your event I am just wondering. Is it any good? Ask the tough question, is it any good? If you want an eruption then you need to look at the spiritual quality of your stuff. Do people say wow God is here, people are getting saved, Baptized, healed, forgiven, lives changing, God is doing something here. If so then you will see eruption if not you will have a small band of people that just come for whatever reason.

You need to have an objective. It is sad that you can ask alot of differnt ministers, what is your objective. They don’t know! You need to not live off of a few great things that you have done through out the year, you need to find an objective. You will be able to see if you are on track with your mission or your vision.
Don’t look down the street and say man they have 750 in small groups, we need to do that. No! Thats good for them. What is your objective whats your mission. What moves you. Have a clearity of focus and be able to say it! You should be able to spout it off immideatly not fumbling around.
That is something that we are doing well at here at the West Campus. We have a vision Hab 1:5… We all know it and we tell it to everyone! We are reminded about it constantly and will even be on the walls of the office soon. We have a mission and a statement. We are pumped for the other people doing amazing down the road and not trying to do what they do. We know our mission and we are doing everything we can to be headed in that direction.

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