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Last night we had our first “Plugged in” of the year. It was so encouraging to see all the 7th and 8th graders showing up and excited about what was happening. We have just started a series called So Fresh and So Clean.” Matthew Bailey led worship for us we played a game called Chair or dare and then I spoke. I walked up feeling so pumped and ready and just good about my talk. Then it just seemed to go downhill from there, “I felt like wow what am I saying what is happening, am I not prayed up whats the deal.”

At the end of the night I gave an invitation and asked for the students to look up if they have NEVER had a relationship with Christ. These 2 girls look up and I say so you want to accept Christ. They nod and so I pray. When I get done praying the girls are GONE! Yes GONE, I went to the back, and I sent one of my volunteers to go find them. WHAT! That just added to the night, I have NEVER had anyone accept Christ then roll out during the prayer, it is kind of funny now, but last night I was struggling. I am praying that they come back, they were both visitors.
Have you ever felt that way just like man I blew it!
So I finish and everyone is like wow great job and I appreciate that, but the fact is that I felt like it just was not that great. As the night finishes and we dismiss everyone a seventh grade boy comes up to me with tears in his eyes saying “I just need your help, I am a foster kid and I have been taken away from my foster family.” He is crying so hard trying to tell me these things, then he says, “I have felt so unloved until tonight when you talked about coming clean and starting NEW, so now since I accepted Christ tonight I feel allot better.” I was like WHAT!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? He said “yes tonight I prayed that prayer and I am so happy because I now have Jesus.”
A 7th grader 13 years old got it! He heard he realized he was empty. It is so cool to think that when you present the gospel you can do it what ever way YOU want to, and God will take it from there.
I am loving the life change that is happening with the JHigh students I am constantly being stretched to learn how to reach them the most effective way possible, how can you pour into a Jhigh student.
One way we are trying to do that is through our dedicated interviews. We have a leadership team that we are interviewing them to see why they want to be in “Dedicated.” We get a chance to ask them what we can do to be better and what we need to not do, how can we reach their friends and many other questions that have really opened my eyes to this generation.

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  1. thanks for that michael.. i read brian’s post and checked it out. i really needed that as i work with junior high students on a daily basis! thanks brother!steven

  2. Doing good Senor Michael…Trying to grow up and be somewhat responsible now that I have a wife

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