I am so overwhelmed with Joy right now. As I sit at home sick as a dog I have just been blessed to see that my friend Betsy Hall in Bradenton, Florida is now the proud owner of a Specialized Roubaix. To most people that means nothing, but to me that means allot. More than allot!! I am so proud of her. This women went from riding a mountain bike about 5 miles a day to a hybrid bike doing 2 team triathlons on the hybrid, and a goal of 1000 miles. To receiving one of the sweetest rides out there. This is an amazing bike, it is a brand new 2008 Specialized Roubaix Carbon Bike.
When I first moved to Florida I was into doing triathlons and biking. I slowly started asking people if they would want to do one. Well Betsy was always like no way I could never ever do anything like that. There were allot of people there who said “I would never do a triathlon or run this or bike this or swim yea right.” that now are doing them. For example Nick Voelkel, William Voelkel, Danny Bote, Jeremy Nixon, John Gregory is running races now and did a run leg of a team tri, Andy Wells and many more they even have a team called tri-life.
But one of the greatest parts of us living in Florida is the amazing friendship we have with the Hall family. Betsy you may never read this, but you are an example to thousands that if you work hard and if you want it, then you can do it. I know your family has rewarded you with this amazing bike. I am so proud of you!!! If you are just some one reading this I hope that it helps to inspire you to do something that you think is impossible. Because there once was a lady who said no way and seriously thought she would never do anything like what she is doing now. Is now doing it and blowing away all goals she has set and has been rewarded with a sweet 08′ Carbon bike.. Better watch out for her on the streets of Bradenton she is going to be flying….
Please remember that if you want it then you can get it. Betsy I am proud of you!!!

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