This past week….

This past week was a crazy week so much fun. Monday was just a normal day. Tuesday started at 8:30 the whole entire staff of Second Baptist all 5 campuses had a Christmas party at the Woodway Campus. Well the theme was tacky sweater.

So Jessica made yes made me this nasty tacky sweater. It did have a battery pack with lights around the collar So I wore it to the staff party with high hopes of bringing home the gold. Well NO I did not even make top 4 I was like not even close and I wore this thing thinking I will win. I was defeated, but I will return next year with at W.
Wednesday Dec. 19th was the last Wednesday night of the year for us. We had planned on some of our parents cooking a Christmas dish for the students and we would have a night of serving the students for the amazing semester they just had, and as a little break in between finals. When I first came here we had around 40 students coming on Wed. nights. Well God has been doing some amazing things and well this night we had over 100 students. I was floored, we ran out of food had to order pizza on the fly had parents going to get more drinks and just craziness. I loved it. Matthew Baily played some Christmas music for us that night and did an amazing job. The 210 JHIGH staff did an amazing job. I could not have done it with out Kenny and Crys behind the scenes all week.
Thursday – We had our all west staff Christmas party and this was a blast. We played the amazing race! Yes we drove in teams around Katy finding 12 clues that lead us to the promise land (some great Mexican restaurant). My team, team Gingerbread lost, but we had fun doing it. That night we went to Kids Crazy Christmas! This is an amazing show that our children’s program puts on and it is nothing like I have ever seen before. It was so professional I was amazed with a huge set and puppets and live dancers and ahhhhhhhhhhhh it was bad. I loved it.

Friday – Kenny and I met a ton of JHIGH students at the movies to watch Alvin and Chipmunks movie. That night Jessica and I went over to the Wrights house. They are small group leaders for us on Sunday morning and we had a great meal and just fun hanging out with them.

Saturday – We went to the Katy state championship game and saw Katy bring home the State Championship. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!! We sat on the 40yd line front row Jessica actually received a gift from the Katy Cheerleaders, it was a box full of T-Shirts and more. She was so pumped. We really had a great week and just pumped about being here and what God is doing in the ministry as a whole.

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