Well I have just signed up for my first race of the year the Conoco Phillips Rodeo Run . Jessica and I will be doing a 10K on March 1st. I am pumped about doing this race, I started Friday on training I swam 400m and it went well. I am excited about getting back into shape, after getting WAY out of shape since moving to Katy.

Here are a few things that have been on my mind lately concerning ministry and life, most quotes are from Catalyst 2007.

– If you say you are going to do something DO IT, don’t be a performer but a producer!

– Leadership reverberation will leave a lasting influence. (Leverage your leadership)

– 1 Cor 16.13 “Be Men and stand strong, if you believe in something do not back down, but do everything in love.”

– What is in our hand? What has God given you? We must make sure whatever He gives us that we take care of it and do it with excellence!

– Intentionally add value to people. How do we do that?
1)Must Value people.
2)Keep growing and learning.
3)Relate to what other people value.
4)Do the things God values.

– Don’t be a full time pastor and a part time minister.

– We are to create the culture of the future.

– Systems Talk by Andy Stanley at Catalyst. “Creating a leadership friendly organization.”

“Systems create behaviors.”
“Your system will make your visitors love it or hate it.”
“Systems have a greater impact on organizational culture than do mission statements.”
“Your system should allow you to involve and hire the best person for the job.”
“Your system should provide you with the flexibility to get the right people to the table.”
“Your system should allow you to make complex decisions within the context of a small group of empowered individuals.”
“Your system should ensure that only one person answers to “they.”

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