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A few things here that really have helped me out a ton coming from Next Generation Leader, as I have journeyed through ministry. Allot of these seriously have shaped who I am today. Still working on them to be the Best I can for Him.

Leaders are not always the first to see the need for change, but they are the first to act. And once they move away from the pack, they are positioned to lead.

Embrace this!!! The less you do; the more you will accomplish. We can do this by narrowing our focus to increase your productivity and expand your influence within the organization.

Fear, not a lack of a good idea is what keeps people on the sideline.

Leadership is about moving BOLDLY into the future in spite of uncertainty and risk.

What could be? What should be? Write it down. Hang it on a wall. Broadcast it.

Choose to do what is right even when it is hard. The more successful you become, the harder it will be to maintain integrity. Small compromises early in the journey will make it easier to compromise on the big things later on.

Remember your character is always on display. It shapes your reactions, your abilities, your attitudes, and your priorities. Likewise, your character shapes the experience of those who choose to journey with you and therefore will determine who is left standing in your corner when the journey draws to a close.

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