We have now been in Houston for a few weeks and have some fun stories. First off our house is so new that we are the only ones in the neighborhood, it is fun because I can go outside and just yell good morning neighborhood and no one gets mad, because no one is in any of the houses. It is also fun because we can go in the other houses around here and see what these houses look like before they are purchased. We have been having a great time! We are totally unpacked, and the trash people were supposed to come and pick up our trash the other day. Well they never came until we went out and saw them (trash truck) driving. So we said “yo do you mind following me to the massive amount of boxes we have” they were great and came and followed me to my casa.
We had dinner parties all week long so that parents could get to know the new student ministry team. It was fun! But forreal every night we were at a house explaining our vision for the student ministry. We have been to a Toby Mac Concert which was really fun. Jessica and I drove around tonight looking at back ways to get to our house and that was fun, but found nothing. Also if you get onto a GPS or Google maps, yea we are not on there.
We have also seen God do some huge things in the short time we have been apart of this ministry. We have seen 100+ students accept Christ and have already seen 13 J.High students baptized. It has been amazing, I love the challenge of growing this ministry along side a great team.
Jessica got a sweet Job at mustang eng. she loves it. We also joined a health club recently which is cool because they have a basketball court and we can go and hoop and I love that. I played today after running 2 miles and loved it so much.
There is allot more and I look forward to keeping you updated.


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