and were back!

Ok we have been staying in La Quinta for a week now, we have enjoyed it but now we have got some promising news. We signed a Contract today for a new house. It is amazing and God just took care of us. We honestly were just talking to this lady and she was like their is this house that was just built and has all these upgrades and it is in this really expensive neighborhood. I was like ummm yea right not for us, well Jessica was like uhhh yes that is us. So we drove over to this place and the houses were massive and I am like no way we will be living here EVER. So we go inside here the sales pitch and we go look at the house and Jessica absolutely falls in love. So I am like well be in love but we won’t be in it. Bla bla bla to say all that well we are now about to close on the house. Which means it could be ours on Friday. They are giving us an incredible deal!!!! I have done a ton of research and I am positive that this is a God thing. Then I negotiated all day on Friday and Saturday to get the price right where we want it, plus all the appliances and more that we want. It is truly a dream house for us.

Today was also Jessica’s birthday, we woke up early and went to Denny’s, then went to church for my first Sunday (Thats another story… good just different), went to the hotel for a surprise party in our room that Crys set up with cake streamers and more, opened

presents, then we went to a farm where they had a corn maze, pumpkin patch, hay rides, goats, and more. We then went to a Haunted House that was so funny, I honestly had never heard Jessica scream until this time. It seriously was cracking my junk up we all had so much fun. After that we went to a restaurant called Pei-Wei for Chinese food. Then went and had Italian ice. We had such a great day!! God is seriously blowing us away here. We miss our friends in Florida, but we know this is the right thing.

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