Day 2 (100% Non-Smoking)

I am typing to you all from my new home for the next few days until we find a house. If you would like to see what it looks like then just go here

Our current home is nice it has a pool, workout room, free breakfast cooked for us, we have a maid we have security and so much more. Again go to that link to see our new crib. We made it here tonight around 5ish. We had a good trip! As soon as we got moved into our new place we then went to Katy Mills Mall I had to get a haircut it was out of Control, so I went into Master Cuts and the lady was all sorry sir we are closing in like 20min. So I was like please please forreal I will pay extra and well she did it and I paid more, it was worth it. Tonight we are chilling forreal in the room watching the baseball game and playing cards and stuff. Tomorrow we are going to go look for houses all day with a Realtor. We are pumped about finding a home (although we like it here).
Thanks for the calls and texts, you all are missed and loved.

Oh for those that don’t know we are going to be working at Second Baptist Houston…. We have pics as well of the trip stay tuned……………..

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