I am currently at a hotel in Mississippi… Typing on my wife’s new computer, we left Woodland Student Ministry today. I had some amazing times there, and I am in awe that I have left. I seriously am still really sad about it. Because of the amazing things God is doing, we were packing out the Chasm every Wednesday night and this last night we had 21 accept Christ, YES…………… It was an amazing night with 450 students there and then we had a killer party. But the deal was that it was all about God and that the students realized that this is their student ministry and that they can take it to the next level. As of now Matt Cote is taking over the reigns of WStudents. He is a great friend of mine and I am so happy for him and the students.
As I was leaving this morning Jodi, Spatz, Chelsea, Mooch, Molly, Meagan, Amanda, Brian, Betsy…. Maybe more I can not remember, but they were all at the ol’crib saying good by and wow it was hard. We cried and laughed and cried and more.. Mooch gave me a mini-mini pony and it is great. I love it and I got pictures and so much more from all the students and from Betsy the albums she made and then all the letters the students wrote. It was so so so so hard to roll out of B-Town… I was thinking the whole way ummmmmmm is this the right thing? My wife is just so great and is all yes yes you know it is just stay strong.
Well I miss and love all of you from wbc and WStudents(BLIND)…

Stay tuned for Houston Updates…

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