Mission Samoset

Last week July 16-20Th 2007 Woodland student ministry decided to embark on a new thing. We decided to go 7 miles down the road and do some Extreme Home Makeovers. So every day last week we all met at the church every morning and took off and worked on houses for 2 widows that needed some fixing up, allot of fixing up. I was not sure how the week would go and I was very surprised that every day 60 teenagers showed up to help and make a difference in the lives of 2 ladies they had never met. We cleared their yards (jungles) planted flowers, installed a stove, a new water heater, new windows, new doors and fresh paint plus deep cleaning of the houses. This was a serious transformation of the houses. We changed the lives of these 2 ladies so much and we are so glad to do it and look forward to the next opportunity that comes are way. It really was fun to bond with all of these students.

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