Monday, May 28, 2007
Ok well we have started ellimination in Florida. Yes it is so fun these dudes are crazy. There is so much action, no one is just chiling being scared everyone is out and doin work. It’s been really fun so far. Today on Memorial day, the Head family decided to remember our hero’s by going to the beach. So we got up and Jessica made me breakfast in bed and I ate that and the 3 of us rolled out. Now we could not go to a close beach (well they are all close considering we live in Florida) so we went to venice beach (Far). We were going to swim and run there but my goggles started to leak. So we just chilled there and went to get some new goggles for Crystal and go to a different beach. So we ate, laid there and got in the water then left to go to the next beach. Which landed us at Siesta Key which is beautiful. From there we swam (training) then ran then we chilled for a little bit and left. During this whole time I am outside, and nobody came to get me out of the game. Plus the other night I was grilling outside and no body came. I was saddned (not really).. Speaking of outside. Living in Florida we have noticed lots of little animals, wildlife, and bugs, but there are these little bugs called Love bugs they are everywhere my car looks like I have never washed it due to the love bug infilltration on it. They are psycho. They just run into your car for no reason. They are swarms of them they don’t hurt all they do is love. Well not us. They love eachother. they should be gone soon. I can’t wait. We also are gearing up to go to the first camp of the summer it is called Big stuf. We are so pumped. Then after that we are going to camp bahamas. This is going to be so incredible. Well that is a little update on our life for now.

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