Passion 2007

Passion 2007!!
We just got back from Atlanta, Georgia we were there from January 1-4 with 24,000 others. We had so much fun and it was an amazing time to see what God is doing globaly and not just in the United States. One thing that really stuck out to me was that God is moving all over the world. Sometimes we start to think that we need to get people out to the nations NOW and really we need to realize yes they need to go, but we should also be placing alot of focus on the US. I have also learned that I need to pick it up. Ever since my surgury I have been out of it with work and just me. I have really decided that I am ready to go. God and I had some great times this past week and have realized that I am doing amazing with Him, but can always get better. I also am so proud of the students here and how fun and amazing they are. They do such a good job of staying so positive, not being down or cranky and I am so thankful. I am ready to get Woodland Students rolling. Stay tuned for updates on the latest events with the ministry…

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