Knee 1

These pictures are from Monday November 20th I had knee surgery, stemming from a bike wreck (road bike with clip in Pedals, fell on knee at 27Mph) that I had before moving to Florida. Since the wreck I did a sprint triathlon, 60 mile bike race, fall basketball league (champs), and the pain was just to much to handle during these events so I went to a specialist and he took an X-ray and it was obvious that my knee cap was broken in 2. So today he went in and did two surgeries in one. He did an orthoscopic deal and then opened me up and pulled out the bad part of my knee which you can see in the pic above. It was about a half dollar size. Then they took all the ligaments and tendons and put them from the old to the one that was still connected. he said that the bad part had been rubbing on my bone and was putting an intention on my bone. I will be unable to do anything for 8 weeks. So here I sit excited about no more pain in a few weeks, and back to my normal activities. I went to a Goodwill bookstore this morning and bought some Lance Armstrong books and the grinch stole Christmas so I have plenty to read. Oh and many people have been really helpful we had a huge full meal brought to us and then all kind of gifts from the Hall family, and Jeremy was at the hospital with Jessica as I was under. It was a rough day but am excited about the future of my knee. Stay tuned for more updates. Nov 28th I will have stiches out………

oh yea these pics make me laugh, I need to shave bad and I can not shower till Saturday yea 5 days…

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