Hello from Florida. This has been a great week! This past Saturday was Jessica’s Birthday. It started with a 8:00 A.M. 5k run that she was in actually called the BOO run so she dressed
up like a mouse with 2 others and called them the 3 blind mice. So she ran and 21 minutes later she finished in first place in her division and won an IPOD. Then still her birthday and I had a basketball tournament and we won 1st place. Still her birthday we went to a place called the dish and what you do there is fill up this bowl with food and they cook it on a huge grill right infront of you. It was so good and so fun. From there we went to the outlet mall and Jessica bought some new clothes. From there we went with a bunch of friends to go see the movie “Devil wears Prada” great movie. Plus she saw an alligator so it was a great day. Then the next day she threw an 80’s party for all the 8th and 9th grade girls. It was a huge success. To e-mail her just to say hi it is jessicaleeannhead@yahoo.com

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