Today for labor day Jessica and I woke up and went on a walk to the down town area of Lakewood Ranch its so pretty. There is a place where you can walk along the river and plus a really cool bakery place called Mortons. Anywho we then all packed up and went to the aquarium which was really cool. We had a blast! We are loving that in Florida everything is so close and that we don’t have to drive for hours so after the aquarium we drove along side the beach on a little peninsula which was just cool to be surrounded by water. Then we came back and went and chilled or warmed by the pool then we went to a friends house for a cooked. It was a good labor day. I do have a few Jeep problems I just got some new sensors which cost a lot and now my radiator is starting to tell me my car is overheating and plus my AC is not really working to good its nuts but oh well. Everything is going good. Jessica loves forreal loves her new Job at the hospital she is so happy there and they love her. So that makes me happy.

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