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Yesterday Jessica and I got to go out on the ocean in a 43′ boat. It was huge we loaded up in the morning with all these other folks from the staff and church and headed toward Edgemont Key. Which is an island just chillin out in the ocean that no one lives on. We had an incredible meal on the boat as well. We then set our anchor and swam to the island 100 Yards not to bad. We then explored the island there was an old fort and just amazingly huge shells, and turtles and dolphins.. The sand was white and just really cool.. Also if you have not seen our latest video then please go to and check it out…



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  1. Hey!!! Glad you finally got back to us! I am sure the trip was a blast. I will talk to you later(please answer your phone)

  2. So I’ve been searching around looking at blogs because I want to start one at my site ( golf schools ). But I’m not sure how I want to go…. blogger, wordpress, drupal… not sure, and I don’t know that much about them. I like the look of this site. If you have time could you email me what you like/dislike about your blog? Thank you if you decide to take the time to help me out, and I understand if you don’t. Ultimately I want it to look good with being “hands off” as much as possible. Anyway, keep up the good work.

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