I know its been a while.
Well I have started training for another triathlon (October 8) it’s at Siesta Key Beach you swim 1000 meters, Bike 14miles and Run 3.1 miles. So yesterday (Friday) I was training with some buddies and we were swimming in the ocean not for fun but to train, and forreal I was praying that a shark would come and eat me because I was dying. But nope it did not happen so I was thinking great it might happen today or another day when I don’t want a shark to eat me. I know I’m nuts..Jeremy is now here and I feel like ministry can really begin with him here. It has been nuts thus far but its really going to help. We have had an increase of 30 people on Wednesday nights for the past month which is amazing last week the “Beach”(Where we meet) was packed out we ran out of chairs and stuff. God is totally moving. Iwent to one (of 24) schools lunches on Wednesday and that just shocked me it was huge I felt like I was back in Dallas again. It was so massive and it made my heart sad because a ton of those students probably do not know Christ. I am continuing to learn a lot about church life and how it is run and I like what I am learning. I miss my arkadoo friends… Holla..
Also the new Passion 06 DVD came out this past Tuesday and the new Lacrae you have to get both……

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  1. MichealI miss you so much. I started college today. I just wanted you to know how much you are missed and loved here. Happy early Birthday (Saturday) I am sure you will here from me before then. Love youBlair

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