Forreal Pics in New Mexico…

Wow! yesterday the staff had an all day planning meeting at a hotel in another city. It was amazing. I learned so much and it was so good for us all to be on the same page and we had breakfast and lunch and it was fun it really was. It was just a great time of learning and fun stuff. It was so great to talk as a staff about the future of the student ministry especiall when it came to the topic on the new student ministry building. Its going to be insanely amazing!!!

I really am enjoying it here its so fun and God is just teaching me so much about life marriage friendship and Him… This weekend we are singing the same performance that we sang in New Mexico and Arizona. I am pumped about this except for rumor has it that I have my own mike(rophone). Which is giong to be really fun(y). Jeremy Nixon is also hired as the full time Middle School Minister.. Im out…

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  1. ehy michael, this is morgan green, i miss you so much, how have you been? im good, but i wish you were stiil at church caus eits kinda boring now, we dont do contests or anything anymore, but any ways i just wanted to say HEY!, well i love you my cool head!!

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