Day One
We met at the air port at 3PM it was a little weird to show up and really have no excitement in the entire group.
I also got to meet Chad Harper who is the former student minister of Woodland, he seems to be a great guy. So we sat around in the Tamps air
port with a delay which was good because we got to know each other even more. We then loaded up on the plane and had a blast. The thing is that these students seem to be so laid back which to me is crazy. They are slowly coming out of their shells though which is fun to see. We finally got to Albuquerque New Mexico. We went in shifts to the air port in vans. We had a little meeting, then went to bed. Well some did the others had to help Molly Hall find her back pack which we found in the van she was in.
So we woke up the next day and ate a great breakfast! It really was good for real. We all loaded up 7 different mini vans and drove to Window Rock, NM. That evening we sang at a church and it was so incredible to see everyone worship. We are singing a song called orphans of God which has just moved me every time I sing it. It says There are no strangers, there are no outcasts, there are no orphans of God. After singing they cooked us dinner and we left came back to WIM (Western Indian Ministries) which is which is where we are staying. For Group time we split up into 2’s and have prayer partners for the week.

Day 2 Sunday
We woke up and went and sang at FBC which was so much fun because we got to enjoy the Natives singing in their language. After that we all got up and lead worship with our singing. It was so powerful it seemed like this church was all about worship, at the end of the service the student minister and his wife came up front to be prayed for. This was there last day in the Navajo Nation. They are going to Southwest Seminary. They will be the first Navajo Indians to go to that Seminary. How cool is that but it was also sad for them and the students. We then ate lunch and headed out to the neighborhoods to pass out information packets on the day camps and sports camps that we were doing. After passing out the info packs we went back to WIM and rested. We then went and sang at a community church. It went so good again! God just has been showing me so much about these students through their singing. I love to hear them. When I got here they were all so laid back and chill. My prayer for them was that they would start to get excited about life and let that start to pour out of them in their actions. I have seen some amazing stuff but this night God did something so great. We had a time of Foot washing. Where Keith (music minister) and I went around and washed everyone’s feet, to show them an example that we are not higher than anyone. We are all equal but we need to all be serving. This is the ultimate in serving in the New Testament. Jesus (God) washed the disciples feet, letting them know this is just an example of how they should serve others.

Day 3 Monday
This was the first day that we did the different camps (Baseball, Day Camps, Music Camp, Recreation Camp). For the baseball camps we would go and pick up the kids in all the mini vans which was crazy because we would show up at the houses and the kids would just hop in. Plus the potholes in the neighbor hoods were huge. So we would pick them up and drop them off at the camp and continue to go back until we felt as if no more kids were going to come. We would do the camps from 10-12 then bring the kids back home. That afternoon we all loaded up and went to Gallop, NM and went to Route 66 and shopped. That night we ate dinner and for worship we got into a huge circle and I had a massive ball of yarn. We started by me throwing the yarn at a student and when they received the yarn the person that threw it to them had to encourage them. As each person threw it to someone else the yarn started to look like a massive spider web. And as everyone held on to it was just neat to see everyone being held together by this yarn. It was an incredible night after that we split up the guys and the girls into to groups and we had guy and girl time. It was amazing to see what God did in each of those small group meetings.

Day 4 Tuesday
The second day of the camps and it went great. One of the children when the baseball camp was over started to go a little crazy. He bit one of the female workers, and then started to swing a baseball bat at some of the other workers. We then got the bat and I went to talk to him and he started to yell and curse at me, and he was only 7. Later that afternoon we went to an orphanage where we dropped off toys and bikes and we hung out with the kids for a hour or so. It was a very good afternoon because we got to assist in bringing these kids joy.
That night we all went back and got ready and went to watch a Pow-Wow. It was really cool to see them dressed up in their original dress.
Then there was this dude there named Robert Tree Cody,
he apparently has won a Grammy and has been in many movies. He was the first native American to play silent night on the Navajo flute and all this other stuff. After that we went back and for worship we broke up into two groups and had a night of affirmation. So one group stood up with their eyes closed and they could not move or touch the other person that was affirming them. Then as everyone was affirmed then we switched until everyone was affirmed. Again it was a very powerful night. God did amazing things in the students lives. It was also great to see them all becoming so outgoing and fun, which made me nervous in the beginning they are so much fun and are crazy and outgoing I love it..

Day 5 Wednesday
The last day of camps which was for me the best 15 kids from the baseball camp got saved which was so cool. The neat thing is that the church that we were working with will be able to help them as they continue their walk. On this day for lunch we had a big cookout for all of the kids at the camps. After we dropped all the kids off we all went to the window rock. It is a rock with a huge Hole in it.

MORE to come later….

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