Peacocks and Skimming

You see that bird ok that’s a Peacock Yes a real Peacock we (Me Jess and Jeremy Nixon) were driving to the beach and we saw this “thing” in the road and I thought at first it was a dog dressed up for Halloween but no it was a forreal Peacock. So we are all like making bird noises at it and being loud and it does nothing so in the next picture you see my “sweet little wife” running after the bird to try to make its feathers or wings or whatever stand up well it did not work out. But it was so funny we were crying laughing. We then went to the beach at 8:30 at night and Jeremy and I were in the Ocean and we looked around and realized that there were a lot of people on the shore looking at the water and no one in it but us for the whole beach. So we got scared and got out quick and started to skim board (thanks Dooley for the board). It was so fun. I am also typing on my (the churches new) laptop, I love it forreal its great(thanks Derek for hooking me up man). Woodland is in the middle of a capital campaign for our new worship building and its called Gateway for ministry and today at church and tomorrow (Sunday) everyone (Band, Worship team, Pastor, Parking people, greeters, Bla bla bla) all are wearing yellow hard hats. Its so funny but cool ok I don’t think the greeters had them but that would have been funny to. Anywho if your still reading this, A PEACOCK!! What why would it just be in the middle of the street? We Jeremy Jess and I also went to a Pond behind our house to watch for Gators and guess what…. We saw nothing… Ok good night I’m out and headed to New Mexico on Friday plus this could be a crazy week for many different reasons I’m ready to see what will transpire (big word like perspire) Its late sorry I’m loosing it AGAIN….

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  1. Glad yall are having lots of fun!!!! The peacock was probably to scared of Jessica to do anything but Glad to here from you. Have a great day!!!

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