Made it…

Hello all whoever reads this. Well the movers got here on Thursday morning at 9 and did not leave until 5PM. That is the time when Me, Dallas, and Austin took off, we made it to Tupelo, MS slept and then got up and went to pick up my beautiful wife in Tallahassee, Fl (she was at M-Fuge all week). WE then drove to Port Richie, FL stayed the night and woke up Saturday morning and went to the new home. We got there and we love our apartment so we realized we need to go shopping for food and shower curtain and more. We then went to Church that night yes saturday night which was just incredible. Sunday came and we went and did life groups after the 9:45 and 11:11 services then went home and came back to church that night for a program called walk through the Old Testament it was so cool to learn as much as we did from the Old Testament, as the Adults were learning so were about 200 children then they came in and did the same thing we had just learned… Jess and I then went home and fell asleep after searching all over the apartments for our mailbox.. (We did find it) So today I sit in my new office and we just got back from lunch at Chilis (only .3 miles from the apartment) with the Pastor and his wife. Thats all for now Stay Tuned!!!


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  1. HEAD, man it is cool to hear that you are doing God’s thing! I was just out in Florida last week man taking a much needed vacation! God bless you guys! Holla at your boy!

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