By the time I finish typing this it will be Thursday and that is Da Day or D-Day… The day of leaving man I am so like WHAT I;m leaving? Yes tomorrow morning I will start the day off right with a breakfast of champions from Honey Comb after doing a mini Triatholon with a friend of mine… So if you get this at say ummm now then come to the Comb at 7ish.. Then the movers get here and wisk all of our stuff away after THEY pack it up.. I am a little nervous about that whole action but hey ohh well I guess they said they would do it so THEY will do it. I will then (AFTER they leave) drive to Tallahassee, Fl to stay the night and pick up my beautiful wife on Friday as she is coming back from M-Fuge West Palm Beach, Fl. Then we are off the Family Me Jess Austin and Dallas in the ole Jeep. We then will arrive on Saturday or late Friday night in the new home town of B-Town I went from A-Town to B-Town… I wonder if they call it that? If not they do now… Then go to church on Saturday night and start it all off with a bang!!! Oh and we have no cable until Monday, so I will not get to watch the tour de France, you may not care BUT I DO.. I love it and have watched everyday of it. Wow I’m rambling so Hidey Ho lets roll…

MH Oh this is my wife and Dallas and Austin….

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  1. i’m sad I didn’t get to tell you guys bye officially but I probably would of cried anyway!!! Keep us posted on what is going on it B-town and we will holla at ya!!!! love ya, the shuler’s

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