The Journey…

This past Wednesday night was officially my last time to speak at U-Turn. It was crazy hard! But its so incredible to know that GOD is calling you and that YOU (as a family) are going. I’m going to miss my students here, but its exciting to know that they will always be in my prayers and that they are all (well not all) wanting to visit. November some are coming, December some are coming and that just pumps me up… This next week is going to get hard because its it the LAST week here in Arkadelphia. Its going to be fun though. But hard to hug the necks of my dear friends and fellow ministry partners who will keep the passion for HIS name going here in this City.. 26.18 will continue and these students are going to blow this town apart for HIM. I’m excited to see what happens next… Jessica and I are so excited and nervous about moving I mean we don’t even have a house or anything to go to yet. WHAT!! But oh well if you want to check out a little about where we are going go to.. Check back for more updates as the Journey contiunes…..

Rom 12.2

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