Hardest Day…

I sit here this morning very sad… This is probally one of the hardest days so far I am really struggling with emotions of leaving Arkadelphia. This has been a great journey for us. We have enjoyed all of it! It’s been so good for us to be here and serve Him. Called has called us and so we are following, it has been a long process for us. We even turned the church down and we said that we are not going to be able come. But God said no your going. So we are. I’m going to stop writing now have a good one…


4 thoughts on “Hardest Day…

  1. I think what you are doing is amazung and i commend you for it. On know that today was hard(well i dont really know) but remember look at the stars when times get ruff cause its the same ones you look at when times are good. Just remeber if you really need to hit someone, im here. LOL. dueces


  2. Michael,I know this is hard but if this is where God wants you, you have to go.We will miss you, but I had told my wife last year that a leader as good as you would be called some where else sooner than latter. God bless you and Jess, as you cont. you walk and cont. to lead youth to Christ. If there is anything I can do to help let me know.God blessDavid


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