Van Problems II

Well were almost all the way back and um we were driving over the bridge from Mississippi on I-20 West toward Talula, Louisiana…. When all of a sudden “The Van” started making some crazy loud noises and then Shut down like lock up shut down. So we pull over and I try to figure out what to do with 10 people (8 girls) and a bunch of luggage remember the (8 girls) yea that’s a lot of luggage. So I start talking to Cingular Road side assistance and that did not work they proceeded to tell me I was in Merridian, MS and umm no we were not. So then I was going to use AAA but I did not think they could get 10 people somewhere safe. The last resort was to call for help 911 and a K-9 cop showed up. He hooked us up with a Ford Dealership where they got a wrecker and brought us a Van to go back in. Ahhh what a trip. It was so much fun, just a few setbacks but those are all learning experiences.

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